Power Assist Suite (PAS)

Assist suit for apple harvest

Model A (Basic model)


It supports posture maintenance for apple farming. The lower limbs are suspended with a spring. An arm is fixed softly at any aerial position. But there is moderate compliance  work is easy because the arm above an elbow can move freely. It lets you commit the bounce of lower limbs at any position, It supports even what kind of posture from so to move arms freely. It assists also shallow posture to the posture that squatted down. You will feel as if you sat down on a chair. It is structure to reduce the burden of a waist.

It is safe because of no electric power and no motors. You can work even in the rain.

7 kg in weight, available for persons tall 140cm - 180cm. It has an exclusive caster; putting on and off take only five minutes. It has tool group in conjunction with a robot (such as pruning shears, fixture of the crop palette).

Model B

 Basic model with automatic mechanism of on-off switching at shoulder. No electrical power. Mechanical system.

Model C

 Basic model with two motors, electromyograph, battery and computer . It is possible to lift heavy lift of 20 kg by this suit.

Model D

 Upper half model of basic model. Since there is no back part, you can ride on the cars.

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