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 Jurisdiction inspection robot by practicable spherical motor of world first

 Person's eyeball and the ball collaboration like the shoulder joint were made an actuator. The best actuator for the multi degree of freedom mechanism like the robot. Neither the size nor the material are restricted and the degree of freedom of the design is a large motor from the small size to large-scale. The rotor part is and there are results from 6 or more to 150mm. If the camera is inserted in the ball rotor, it moves like person's eyes, and the turn can be observed. The large one can easily inspect the inside by putting it in the piping of the water service tube and the gas pipe. The small one is put in the inside of the body, and made an endoscope that can be looked about in internal organs around. It can be called motor that is appropriate for an inside inspection of the tube even by the person and the one. A unique technology from this Japan is expected to be used widely on the medical treatment of the world and the site of the environment and manufacturing. 

Okay robotics Ltd.
Representative director Shigeki Toyama

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