Robot education service business

As a company with strong connections to both educational institutions and private companies, we provide more practical robotics, mechatronics, and system integration technology education content with the aim of improving human resource training and education.

Three Pillars

Robot Education Business

Advanced Robot Prototyping Project

Spherical ultrasonic motor production

5 Tips for Robot Technology

Looking ahead to robot technology

・Learn the basics of robotics: mechanics, electronics, programming, etc.

・Choose your robot's platform: Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other hardware.

・Learn programming languages for robotics: Python, C++, etc.

・Learn related technologies: image processing, autonomous driving, sensors, etc.

・Work on a robotics project: design and develop your own or use an existing kit.

・Use online resources: official documentation, tutorials, online communities, etc.

・Learn by doing: This is the most important thing. You will gain experience by actually building, programming, and improving your robot.



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