Power Assist Suite (PAS)

Assist suit for apple harvesting

Model A (Basic model)

 The posture is maintained during apple cultivation. The lower limbs are supported in this area and are softly supported by knee springs. This allows the springs to work from any knee angle. The hips, while supported, can move smoothly back and forth from side to side. It feels like walking while sitting in a chair. The arms are held in any position. The arms can move freely beyond the elbows.


 It is safe. In case of an emergency, the user can move his/her legs in any direction, minimizing the risk of falling. No electricity is used, so work can be done in the rain. No feeling of restraint because the legs, waist, and arms are loosely connected at three points.


2 minutes to detach and attach work tools.


 Full weight  : 7.4kg

 Applicable Height : 140cm − 180cm

 Applicable weight : 40kg − 80kg

Model B

Basic model with additional options. Arm holding function is turned on and off by elbow motion. Does not use electricity. 


   Full weight  : 7.6kg

 Applicable Height : 140cm − 180cm

 Applicable weight : 40kg − 80kg

Model C

This model is a basic model with 2 electromagnetic motors (90W), capable of lifting heavy objects weighing up to 20 kg. It can work for about 8 hours per charge.


   Full weight  : 10.5kg

 Applicable Height : 140cm − 180cm

 Applicable weight: 40kg − 80kg

Model D

 Upper body only model of the basic model. The back parts are eliminated, allowing the model to ride in a car or other vehicle.


 Full weight  : 3kg 〜 4kg



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